Aboriginal Education at Ashfield Primary School

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cohort of students makes up 30% of the school population. As a school community we aim to improve the attendance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, help minimise the Numeracy and Literacy gap between ATSI and Non-ATSI students, and support ATSI students and their families in their educational journey. Aboriginal Education is a whole school focus.

Aboriginal Education at Ashfield Primary School is promoted and implemented throughout the school year to provide ATSI and Non-ATSI students and families with an understanding and new knowledge to work together, and create a culturally safe educational environment.

Ashfield Primary School develops links with the Aboriginal Community to create educational opportunities for students. The links developed are supported by the student, staff and family cohort. The educational opportunities which the ATSI and Non-ATSI students participated in were learning traditional Noongar female dance, implementing the Young Achievers Club with Noongar Sports, Weekly traditional games, traditional Welcome to Country, Storytelling plus many more.

Ashfield Primary School holds many events throughout the year in support of Aboriginal Education. These include a week long NAIDOC week, Harmony day, Cultural Extravaganza, and the annual trip to Kulunga Katitjin Festival at Kings Park. Each learning experience implemented with an Aboriginal Education Focus makes direct links to the current Australian Curriculum. The students have studied stories, traditional food, traditional dance, dress, location, art and history.