Girls group in conjunction with Nyoongar Wellbeing & Sports 

Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sports is proud to be working in partnership with Ashfield Primary School delivering in-school sessions for girls as part of the Young Achievers Club (YAC). The YAC in-school sessions deliver healthy lifestyle, personal development, leadership, as well as cultural activities to develop participants confidence, education and cultural pride. This encourages students to attend school and reward them for attendance and academic achievement. The program is delivered by Health Promotion Officer Sara Riches, each Friday per week. The YAC also includes a once per term cultural celebration to formally acknowledge the achievements of the students.

 Room 11

HASS: Throughout term one Room 11 studied the changes that took place in the development of the Swan River from before colonisation to the present day. The students investigated and compared current use of transport, activities, food preparation and housing to that of the First Australians. Books, videos and personal experiences acted as the sources from which students generated a 3D model of the physical aspects of the past and present Swan River. We were able to integrate the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories even further with dreamtime stories in order to comprehend the cultural significance of this location rather than just identifying physical aspects of the river. This unit was therefore designed for students from varied cultural backgrounds to appreciate that identities and cultures are sources of strength and to foster a respect for the world's oldest culture.

HEALTH: Throughout term one Room 11 explored the importance of nutrition and diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students studied the five food groups and portrayed these with the use of a segmented food plate. To ensure that each student was exposed to the idea that food selection is dependent upon the culture of the consumer, they contrasted their original plate with one they filled with food hunted and collected by traditional Indigenous Australians. It was an integral learning experience that allowed members of Room 11 to not only appreciate the cultural differences but to recognise the commonalities that can bring various Australian cultures together.

ENGLISH: At the beginning of 2016, Room 11 was developing their writing skills for the narrative genre. Various narrative text types were broken into a beginning, problem, events and conclusion to enable the students to construct similar text features. Integrated into this writing and reading program were books such as The Rainbow Serpent and My Special Place that were chosen to deepen the students' knowledge of totems, the value of 'place' and to compare cultural perspectives. The use of these texts sparked an excitement within many students as they made connections to their own pasts and shared their own experiences with their peers.

Term one calendar

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